Sillie Monkie Comic Titles:

Brief History in Time; Issues 1-5

Chance Tales and the End of Times Cult

Atlantis: Fall of an Empire

The Absurdly Normal Life Of Lawrence Hadley*


Caleb and Tommy pose for a photo shoot for Tucson Weekly. Photo by Hailey Eisenbach



The Raven (Eric Schock, Evil Robo Productions.)

​The Golden Age  (Eric Schock, Evil Robo Productions.)*

The Down and Dirty Life of Juels Hardesty (Eric Schock, Evil Robo Productions.)

Quantum Conditioning: Be My Guest Pt. 3 "your gas is as good as mine" (Ross Demma, RossDemmaArt/

Writing, editing, illustration, design, graphic design, lettering, consulting and more. 

The Birth Of Sillie Monkie Comics.

Sillie Monkie Comics' Mission Statement .


We at Sillie Monkie Comics strive to produce the best comics we can for a variety of ages and readers. Additionally to promote and help build the creative comic book community of Tucson, Arizona by producing and assisting in the development of talent and skills.  

It all started when Tommy had an idea and Caleb found his art again.


Tommy had always wanted to be a writer for the stage and screen, but struggled to find his voice. Caleb, a life long friend of Tommy, had began falling out of love with art, his lifelong passion. Having always been a comic book reader and collector, Tommy approached Caleb in 2011 with an idea for an on going comic book about two kids who travel through time. One year later brought the birth of Sillie Monkie Comics. 

Freelance Work:

Reading A-Z:

​Ella at the Apollo (Thomas Keith & Mike Morrocco)

​​Great Salt March of Gandhi (Thomas Keith &  Mike Morrocco)

Felix Faces His Fears (Thomas Keith &  Jerry Bennett)

Jane and the Chimpanzees (Thomas Keith & Jerry Bennett)

Letterer / Design:

Man With A Gun (Logan Naugle & Samuel Henry)

Beard and Frog (Logan Naugle & Hector A. Ceniceros III)

Day 26 (Logan Naugle & Tania Verdugo)

The H.A. Menace (Samuel Henry)


About Me

Skills of S.M.C. Creators

My name is Thomas Keith and I am proud to say I am writer. Having been diagnosed with a developmental motor skills disorder at an early age, writing never came easy to me. As a result, it was never easy to find people that believed in me even after graduating from Pima College and the University of Arizona.

When Caleb and I decided to come together and create something new and unique, a new world of creativity and opportunities opened for the both of us.

Since our first issue, we have worked together on five issues of Brief History in Time, freelance work for Learning A-Z as well as expanding the Sillie Monkie Universe to include titles Chance Tales and Atlantis by myself and Vincent Sepulveda as well as The Raven by Sillie Monkie Comics and Evil Robo Productions. With so much having happened these last four years, we cannot wait to see what the future holds for all of us!